BMW F90 M5 Secondary Decat Downpipes 3” 2018- | MTC Motorsport
BMW F90 M5 Secondary Decat Downpipes 3” 2018- | MTC Motorsport
BMW F90 M5 Secondary Decat Downpipes 3” 2018- | MTC Motorsport

BMW F90 M5 Secondary Decat Downpipes 3” 2018-

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MTC Motorsport BMW F90 M5 2018+ Stainless Steel Secondary Decat Downpipes

  • The F90 M5 downpipes are machined from SS304 aircraft-grade stainless steel and are tig welded in house
  • The MTC F90 downpipe is made of 3" stainless pipe straight out of the turbo providing a sharper throttle response due to faster spool of the turbo
  • This downpipe will provide noticeable power gains and a much more aggressive exhaust note which sounds truly amazing. Feedback from customers is that the downpipe crackles and bangs but is quiet on the motorway which is perfect
  • It produces lower temperatures and less exhaust backpressure due to the relief of the turbocharger. The cylinder charge is increased which contributes to maximum performance
  • There is also a substantial weight saving in comparison to the factory catalytic converter
  • Mandrel-bent for better gas flow and maximum internal size to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque.
  • Finished in brushed stainless

We have tested this product and found increases of around 40-50bhp on test vehicles however, it does have the capability of increasing horsepower by 150-180bhp once your car has a stage 2 map.

The standard V band clamp works perfectly onto the turbo and the middle section too.

Will fit the following models perfectly: 

  • F90 chassis M5 2018-

If you have one of the newer models with a PPF filter this will need to be coded out by a tuner so it doesn't show a fault. Speak to your tuner about this if you are not sure as the earlier models didn’t have the PPF.

We recommend Wrench Studios in London and also Evolve for everything relating to mapping.

Professional installation is recommended as some exhausts sit slightly different from others and can be tight although the feedback we have received from this product is that it is very easy to fit.

We also recommend purchasing a Lambda Sensor Spacer(s) to prevent the engine light coming on in most cases. If you search our other items you will find these.  

This product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Why choose us?

Engineered for Performance

All of our uprated intercoolers, downpipes, hoses and other performance parts have been designed and engineered in-house here in the UK.

Consistant Quality

Here at MTC Motorsport, we are dedicated to providing quality made products at a competitive price. Each product we create is tested on a vehicle before going on sale to the public so you can be sure you are getting a 100% tested and working product.