Mini Cooper R53 Intercooler | MTC Motorsport
Mini Cooper R53 Intercooler | MTC Motorsport
Mini Cooper R53 Intercooler | MTC Motorsport
Mini Cooper R53 Intercooler | MTC Motorsport

Mini Cooper R53 Intercooler | MTC Motorsport

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MTC Motorsport Mini Cooper S R53 1.6 Top mount Intercooler with Bar and Plate Core 2002 - 2006

  • The MTC intercooler features a 60mm bar and plate core with flowed cast end tanks and increased surface area
  • It will massively improve throttle response in comparison to the standard intercooler
  • These cores are tested individually to 4 bar so you won't have any issues running this on your Cooper S. They are proven to handle and flow 250-300bhp without any problems.
  • Finished polished in alloy
We have engineered these intercoolers using a bar and plate core matched to our flowed cast end tanks, the same as we use on all of our other intercoolers. This is the most efficient way to keep the intake temperatures low.

We have tested our intercoolers on a few vehicles and found they have absolutely fantastic results. The IAT compared to the standard intercooler are reduced massively which means you get consistent increased performance.

The standard intercooler and the MTC intercooler both had intercooler intake temperatures of between 120-125 degrees through 5 runs on the road.

At the other side of the intercooler into the engine the standard intercooler temps were between 75-80 degrees whereas the MTC intercooler temperatures were around 15 degrees over all 5 runs.

The intercooler is a direct fit and there are some great videos on YouTube to follow. Fitting should take approximately 30 minutes.

We would go as far as to say these are the best intercooler on the market for the Mini Cooper S R53 1.6.

We recommend that you use a rubber spacer under the small brackets where they bolt to the supercharger as the vibration between metal on metal can in some cases cause the brackets to snap. 

Why choose us?

Engineered for Performance

All of our uprated intercoolers, downpipes, hoses and other performance parts have been designed and engineered in-house here in the UK.

Consistant Quality

Here at MTC Motorsport, we are dedicated to providing quality made products at a competitive price. Each product we create is tested on a vehicle before going on sale to the public so you can be sure you are getting a 100% tested and working product.